Custom & Banquet Seating

If your looking for very high quality work with a quick turn over the team at Hy-Tone Motor Trimming can definitely help you out.
We have done seating for restaurants in the Q building in Circular Quay, some local McDonalds stores, Aportos, RSL’s and many more.
We can quote off drawings and work closely with architects and designers. We also have a long list of different suppliers that have very high quality materials to choose from.

Custom interiors or show car interiors are very time consuming to get right and must have a lot of pre thought before anything can even begin to be stitched up.

We are happy to work with the client the whole way thorough the process, even going to see the car during the build to give ideas to whoever is building the car. This process saves a lot of time and will end up with a interior that fits seamlessly and works perfectly.