Stereo Installation

Custom stereo installations can make or break your car.  We do not install carpeted sub-boxes that are just screwed into the boot somewhere or a set of speakers in the parcel shelf or a head unit put into a hole in the dash…but we do install

hidden speakers in the kicks and great looking boxes that are part of the interior and also sound great. With over 15 years installation experience we can meet your stereo needs.

We believe that a great sounding stereo in a car comes from the careful installation. Well placed speakers and a low noise floor,means that we sound deaden as many parts as possible and try to cover plastic and steel with non reflective materials. We can install a screen that motorises up from the dash and TV displays in the back of the headrests that look like they actually come from the factory! Maybe a sub box hidden in the boot or a custom installation with LED lights with perspex will not only look exciting but also sound amazing.









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