Head Linings

One of the most common problems today with most modern cars is the headlining falling down. In most cars it can be replaced with matching material to look good as new again. We like to have your car over night to let the glue set properly but we can do it in the same day if you really need your car.

The reason the headlining fails and falls down is the foam layer between the headlining board and the velour material. It is not possible for you to repair and glue it yourself. You just cannot use the material again. We have a vast range of colours available to closely match the interior of your car. The lifespan of all materials used in head-linings is usually between 8 to 12 years. We do have other options, though, if you need the headlining to last longer, by using another type of material. All you need to do is specify your needs. We can also customise your headlining. Perhaps you would like a fold down T.V screen installed or some fiber optic star lights cleanly put in to dress up a plain factory roof. We can utilise many different materials except for leather. We wont cover or do a headlining with leather because it shrinks very badly and the roof is where most of the sun’s heat is transferred.








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