About Us

Hy-tone Motor Trimming has been a family owned business since the early 1950’s. We have over 80 years combined experience, as well as many contacts in the automotive industry and metal fabrication so anything is possible. So the job that you thought was just a dream we can, with the help from our contacts, do just about anything.

We can also do custom stereo installation to suit any car; for example hidden speakers in the kick panels and parcel tray, moulded door trims with speaker pods, and custom sub boxes and amp mounting to suit.  Also being motor trimmers we can cover everything to make it look factory or to match the custom interior.  

We have also won many concourses with our interiors including the Aston Martin, Jaguar, Buick, Brock Commodore (in most models), Fiat and many more over the years. If you're considering restoring a car back to original come in and talk it over with us before you start anything and we’ll work out a plan of restoration.

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